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SDL History Project


In our class we worked on a SDL(self directed learning) history projects. We chose either to work with a partner or by ourselves. I chose to work with a partner. Olivia and I made a prezi to present our information(as shown below). We included information about life in the 1800’s, we included drawing of some historical people(not in the prezi) and some information about them(in the prezi), some info on the early settlement of english Canada and some of the major causes for the war of 1812.


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A Song With A Message


Young Artists For Haiti- Wavin’ Flag

When I get older
I will be stronger
They’ll call me freedom
Just like a wavin flag

Born from a throne
Older than Rome
But violent prone
Poor people zone

[Nelly Furtado]
But it’s my home
All I have known

[Sam Roberts]
Where I got grown
but now its gone

[Avril Lavigne]
Out of the darkness
in came the carnage
threatening my very survival

[Pierre Bouvier of Simple]
Fractured my streets
and broke all my dreams

[Tyler Connolly of Theory of a Deadman]
now Feels like defeat to wretched retreat

So we strugglin’

[Kardinal Offishall]
Fighting to eat

And we wonderin’

[Kardinal Offishall]
If we’ll be free

[Jully Black]
We cannot wait for some faithful day
it’s too far away so right now I’ll say

[All – Chorus]
When I get older
I will be stronger
They’ll call me freedom
Just like a waving flag
(And then it goes back x3)

Ahhho ahhho ahhho

So many wars settling scores

[Deryck Whibley of Sum 41]
All that we’ve been through
and now there is more

[Serena Ryder]
I hear them say love is the way

[Jacob Hoggard of Hedley]
Love is the answer that’s what they say

[Emily Haines]
But were not just dreamers
of broken down grievers

[Hawsley Workman]
Our hand will reach us
and we will not see ya

This can’t control us
no it can’t hold us down

[Chin Injeti]
We gon pick it up even though we still struggling

[Pierre Lapointe]
Au nom de la survie (In the name of survival)

and we wondering

[Pierre Lapointe]
Battant pour nos vies (Fighting for our lives)

We patiently wait
for some other day

[Fefe Dobson and Esthero]
thats too far away so right now I say

[All – Chorus]

[Drake – Rapping]
Uhh… well alright
How come when the media stops covering
and there’s a little help from the government
we forget about the people still struggling
and assume that its really all love again nahh
see we don’t have to wait for things to break apart
if you weren’t involved before it’s never too late to start
you probably think that it’s too far to even have to care
well take a look at where you live what if it happened there?
you have to know the urge to make a change lies within
and we can be the reason that they see the flag rise again

[Nikki Yanofsky, Drake]
When I get older
I will be stronger
They’ll call me freedom
Just like a wavin’ flag

and then it goes back

[Justin Nozuka]
and then it goes back

[Nikki Yanofsky]
Then it goes back

[Chorus – All]

[Justin Bieber]
When I get older
When I get older
I will be stronger
just like a waving flag


I think the message in this song is that we need to help each other when in need no matter where it is.. I think his because in the song it talks about Haiti and that the people are struggling and that just because it is far away we can still make a difference, and we should because if it happened here we would want help.

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I have learned a lot about bulliying, I have learned that lots of the time the bullies were once victims and they were so tired of it they wan’t the power a bully has over a victim. I learned that bystanders can make a big difference. They have the option of being a perpetrater, a bystander or an upstander. A peretrater is when they join in to the bullying. A bystander is when you do nothing and just watch. An upstander is when you stand up for the victim, opposing the bully. This can be hard because you don’t want to be singled out and possibly bullied as well, but if more than one person stands up for the victim they won’t be an easy target anymore. Thats what bullies look for: easy targets. I think that because whenever we talk about bullying we talk about how the bully and bystanders act and how it is so bad and just mention to stand up for the victim, not everyone knows about what good things can happen if they stand up. I think we should focus more on the fact that you can change the way these people are feeling and being treated not just that they are being hurt continuously. If we focus more on the good outcomes of standing up more people would. Kids need to know that little things can hurt someone just as easily as physical harm. Kids become the victim just because they are different, but it is easy to think: i’m not bullying i’m just minding my own business. NO that is not bullying but if you were their friend would they get bullied? Probably not or at least not as much. If no one is your friend or no one stands up for you you are an easy target for the bully. Some bullying is just little things but they build up. Sometimes in a group of friends certain people can get bullied or just ignored. Popularity plays a big part in bullying, Lots of the time the more popular people are the bullies because they have power. So therefore I think that we should pay more attension to upstanders not bystanders.


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Challenge #4


Challenge #4

Horseback Riding Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Andrea Cummins via CompfightMi caballo / My horse

Horseeback riding is important to me because you have a connection to the horse and you understand each other without talking continously. You can keep yourself busy for soo long without having to think about normal stuff. There are two types of riding English riding and Western riding. English riding is more show, you can jump do dressage or just ride normally. In Western riding you can’t jump but you can do trail which is kind of like an obsticle course. Normal Western riding is slower than English riding but just as fun. In this picture  it shows a horse with an english bridle.

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Challenge #2


Challenge #2


Animal Testing


Animal testing shouldn’t be used unless absolutely necessary for medical cures,(cures for the diseases that we did not cause) and not used because someone wants new make up or presurveable food. Animals don’t deserve to die just because we caused some diseases and use them to find a cure. So many animals are killed approving one product! Do you really want many animals to die confirming 1 product? It is also pointless because you could get a good result on an animal but get a completely different result on humans.  

Most people don’t know it but through taxes, charitable donations, purchases of Lottery tickets and consumer products we pay for experiments! Lots of animal testing is because we need to find a cure to a disease. But the problem is that we are the ones who usually cause the diseases! We cause them from pollution or we don’t take care of ourselves good enough. If we take better care of ourselves and our planet there won’t be as many diseases to find cures for.

Up to 50 separate animal poisoning studies may be required approving 1 product ready for importation or sale, it depends on the substance it’s likely toxicity and the degree of anticipated human or environmental exposure! This is because the government regulations in most countries require some animal testing as a condition to sale or importation of industrial chemicals, drugs, pesticides, genetically manipulated foods and some consumer products. People test on animals for many different reasons. Some include chemical, drug, food and cosmetics testing, biology lessons, medical training, and even curiosity driven experiments. Total amount of animals killed each year in research 19.5 million (195,000,000).



Dogs 66,610        Primates 57,531           Pigs 58,598                               Rabbits 245,786                Cats 22,921                   Hamsters 176,988

Sheep 32,260

Animal testing is pointless most off the time because the results are different between animals and humans. 92% of drugs tested on animals do not make it through phase 1 of human clinical trials (the studies that determine the reaction, effectiveness, and side effects of doses of a (potential) drug. For example, mice have been cured of cancer for decades but it doesn’t work on humans. Because experimenters rarely publish failed animal studies for other experimenters or the public, the other experimenters might try the same thing and kill even more animals then one experiment would take. Animals such as birds, dogs, fish, pigs, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, sheep and monkeys are forced to inhale or swallow massive doses of substance. Different substances can cause different reactions but some reactions include- pain, paralysis, swelling and ulceration of the skin and/or eyes, convulsions and seizures, and bleeding from the nose and mouth, before they are killed or poisoned to death.

Some people might say “There just animals”, but how would you feel if you have to swallow or inhale poison/toxin/chemicals? Animals look different and think different but they still can feel pain. Animals suffer just so you can have makeup, or food that preserves well but will eventually make you sick.

Therefore animal testing should only be used to confirm good medicine for serious diseases instead of curiosity or unneeded products!

Lily Johnstone

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Blogging Challenge #3


Challenge #3

10 things I could do with a sock with holes in it.

1. I could hang it on my wall to hold other objects(such as pens).

2. I could cut it in a strip then sew the ends together to make a headband.

3. Use it as a duster.

4. Use it as a mitten for your 1 handed snowman(?)

5. Use it as a sock puppet.

6. Use it as a towel to soak up the water that your baby sister spilled on your floor(happens every day).

7. Make it a hacky sack.

8. Wave it in your siblings face to make them leave your room.

9. Make it a wind sock(to tell which way the wind is blowing).

10. Put it over your eyes in the middle of winter when it is sunny so you don’t get snow blind.

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Blogging Challenge #1



Challenge 1

1. Taylor Swift- When did you start singing?

2. Eric Walters- Why did you decide to become an author?

3.Eric Lamaze(won a gold medal in 2008 individual horse jumping olympics)- What made you keep going untill you reached the olympics?

4.Michel Vaillancourt(won silver in 1976 individual show jumping)- How does it feel show jumping in the olympics?

5.Martin Cooper(inventor of the cell phone)- How did you come up with the idea of mobile phones?

6.Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen- What gave you thee idea to collect all those stories and put them into “Chicken Soup For The Soul”?

7.Rick Riordan- What gave you the idea to write “Percy Jackson & The Olympians”?

8. Erin Hunter- Why did you decide to write soo many books in the “Warriors” series?

9.Dr. Zeus- What inspired you to write all those books?

10.Lloyd Alexander- How did you come up with cats able to visit 9 lives instead of having 9 lives, in the book “Time Cat”?

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There are only 9 days till CHRISTMAS! Who else is excited? I am ecxcited but I am hoping kids around the world are excited and can celebrate Christmas and get gifts. 

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*********Mary Spencer*********


Mary Spencer came to our class today and told us about her boxing. She told us how much training she did and still does to become a champion boxer. She told us that she is just following her dream to become a champion boxer. She inspired us to follow our own dream and set new goals for ourselves. 

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